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 Hey there, thank you for visiting us! To confirm that your package is properly delivered and you receive your order within the time frame we advertise, please double check and make sure your address is entered correctly. Please use correct abbreviations and spaced properly, SORRY WE DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR INCORRECT INFORMATION. As a reminder you will receive your order 7 TO 28 BUSINESS DAYS from the date that it is shipped out, not necessarily from the date that it is placed. 

After your payment is authorized and verified, it may still take ONE BUSINESS DAY to process your order. The delivery time-frame is an estimated time and DOESN’T INCLUDE WEEKEND OR HOLIDAYS. 

*Please allow up 1 to 4 Business days (with the exception of weekends and holidays) to PROCESS AND SHIP your order.

Q1. When will you ship out my order? A1. Generally speaking, we will process orders in 12-24 hours, no more than 72 hours.

Q2. What is the delivery time? A2. Orders sent by KlearWire Free shipping method estimated times are between 7-28 business days. We are improving everyday to get even faster shipping times. Please work with us.

Q3. My tracking number is not working? A3. Tracking numbers may not upload like they should due to us improving our shipping times and carriers. If a tracking number is not working for you it does not mean your order is not shipped out. Orders are processed and shipped out within 72 hours. We thank you so much for ordering with us. You can always contact us! We love our customers support and feedback.